Capturing the Essence of Middle Childhood

Welcome to a world where innocence meets individuality, where curiosity and self-discovery blossom into beautiful moments frozen in time. At Christina Rush Photography, we specialize in the art of capturing the unique spirit and charm of middle childhood through adolescence.

Our Middle Childhood Portraits are a celebration of this remarkable stage of life, when children are at the cusp of self-awareness and independence. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, We transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Explore our Middle Childhood Portrait gallery and discover the beauty, wonder, and individuality that define this special stage of growth. Each portrait tells a story, and we would be honored to tell yours.

Fine Art Photography

Our fine art approach to photography elevates each image into a work of art. We carefully craft every shot, paying attention to lighting, composition, and emotion, to create portraits that are not just pictures but visual stories. Our goal is to create timeless pieces that will grace your walls and hearts for generations to come.

Girl dancing, back arching and arm extending above her head
Baseball Catcher portrait
Girl in pink dress, and bow in her hair, posed on a small wooden ladder with hand in her lap
black and white image, headshot of girl with hands tucked under chin
boy in chair, leaning over over smiling
on-location portrait, boy posed against truck
boy resting hands on his arms
dancer posed in a ballerina 1st position
unclose black and white image of a girl
Girl in cowboy boots posted on an old army chest.
baseball portrait
boy serious headshot with hand on the back of his neck

Creative Techniques

In addition to traditional portrait photography, we love to experiment with creative techniques that bring out the personality and character of each child. From candid shots that capture spontaneous laughter to imaginative setups that reflect their interests and dreams, we are committed to making every session a unique and unforgettable experience.

A Story Bigger Than Me

Award Winning Series

2023 American Advertising Federation Nashville Student SILVER ADDY Award

2023 American Advertising Federation District 7 Student GOLD ADDY Award

Painting With Light

With this series, I documented the journey to this final series. I had never tried Painting with Light and it was a whole lot of testing! If you would like to read more about my process and the trials and errors I made to get to the final completion, check out my blog by clicking below.

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