Childhood Innocence Project

The Childhood Innocence Project" is a heartfelt and ongoing photographic journey capturing the essence of childhood. Initiated over a year ago, this project began as a personal documentation of the photographer's son, gradually expanding to include other children. Shot exclusively on a Canon AE-1 camera with various lenses and utilizing Ilford Black and White film in different speeds, each photograph encapsulates the innocence, uniqueness, and playful spirit inherent in childhood.

The carefully curated collection reflects the joy and freedom experienced during the formative years of life. From spontaneous moments of laughter to the simplicity of play, the images convey the magic of childhood through the lens of the photographer. The use of black and white film adds a timeless quality to the visuals, emphasizing the purity of these fleeting moments.

What sets "The Childhood Innocence Project" apart is not just its photographic prowess but the commitment to an

ever-evolving narrative. Over the past six months, the project has organically grown to encompass a broader spectrum of

children, creating a rich tapestry of shared experiences. The absence of a predetermined end date signifies the photographer's dedication to capturing the enduring magic of childhood as long as there are young lives to document.

As you explore this collection, you are invited to witness the genuine and unfiltered beauty of childhood. Each frame is a testament to the profound impact that these fleeting moments can have on our hearts and memories. "The Childhood Innocence Project" stands as a celebration of the boundless joy, curiosity, and freedom that define the early years of life, echoing the sentiment that as long as there are children to photograph, this project will continue to unfold and evolve.

Bumped noggin
Girl in the window


Special thank to Beth Trabue Gorham. Your support has been an important part of my journey 

and I want to express my deepest gratitude for your mentorship.